REV Media Group and PTPTN have successfully collaborated on a digital social workshop that promises to empower PTPTN, setting them on the path to digital success. The 2-day workshop was held at Theatrette, Sri Pentas, and was aimed at giving PTPTN a comprehensive understanding of audience behaviours across social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

The workshop, led by REV’s Digital Industry Experts, had 14 high-calibre participants from PTPTN, who gained new insights and knowledge that will help them connect with their target audience more effectively. The workshop covered topics such as understanding how different generations use social media, connecting products and brands with audiences, and identifying targeting audiences based on factors like age, gender, income, location, and interests.

The participants were thrilled to have learned from industry experts, including May Lim, Head of Strategy at REV, Mohd Al-Alif as Social Products & KOL team, Sze Lin as Senior Social Content Specialist, Razaleigh Zain, and Nasha Nazari, both Senior Strategy Planners at REV. They shared valuable insights on working with influencers, content habits, and how to read campaign reports using REV case studies.

The workshop was a huge success, and the participants left with a newfound sense of knowledge and confidence that will allow them to take their company to the next level. The Chief Strategy Officer of Omnia, Christopher Wee, gave the welcome speech and presented certificates to the participants. He expressed his appreciation for PTPTN’s hunger to learn and to acquire knowledge. He added that in this fast moving industry, constant learning and evolving is the only way businesses grow their audience and increase visibility for their mission.

The successful collaboration between REV Media Group and PTPTN is a testament to the power of knowledge and collaboration in the digital age, and we look forward to seeing the great things that PTPTN will accomplish with their newfound expertise.