Mak Cun, an original TV series, now available in Mobile Game

Petaling Jaya, 24th May 2018 – A phenomenon and a familiar brand, the popular TV series Mak Cun that has entered the fourth season is now turning into digital gaming world through Mak Cun’s Adventure!

Through Media Prima Labs as the mobile app arm under Media Prima Digital, Mak Cun’s Adventure which has just been launced yesterday gives a twist for the fans of the drama. The game which includes 30 levels will keep you coming back for more in every stage of the game and it is available in two languages, Malay and English.

Mak Cun’s Adventure or the local version of ‘Diner Dash’ features the main character of Mak Cun where users play a role in helping Mak Cun prepare orders for the customers at her ‘warung’. From “Char Kuey Teow” to “Nasi Campur”, this interactive game tests your speed and agility on how to strategize. Besides, Mak Cun’s theme song is also the original soundtrack for the mobile game.

“All of us in Media Prima Digital are overwhelmed by the trust given in developing the game for Mak Cun, a brand where we all know as one of the most popular TV dramas in Malaysia. Of course, our previous success on introducing games like Ejen Ali and J Revolusi will be a challenge and a catalyst for us to provide better games in the future. Mak Cun’s Adventure is able to add value to Mak Cun’s brand as well as to prove our dedication into making Media Prima “the leading content company in Malaysia,” said Rafiq Razali, Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Digital.

Local element that is applied to Mak Cun’s Adventure is one of the special features in this game. From the village setting which brings out the “mood” of Mak Cun’s drama itself to Malaysian’s favourite menu, Mak Cun’s Adventure lifts up Malaysia’s cultural significance globally in line with Mak Cun’s drama tagline “From Rural to Global,” added Rafiq.

“We featured KLCC in J Revolusi game previously. This time around we highlighted more local elements in Mak Cun’s Adventure. Imagine being able to help Mak Cun in preparing our favourite breakfasts like Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai to be served with Teh Tarik and Kopi O. This special feature is an attracting force that will make players stick to the game,” added Rafiq.

Meanwhile, according to Erma Fatima who plays the character Mak Cun, “Mak Cun’s Adventure” mobile game is a remarkable step for the brand to go further as well as helps to enlarge the empire of Mak Cun itself.

Previously, Media Prima Digital through its incubator Media Prima Labs also developed the game Harian Metro Mountain Bike and Dia. Most impressively, the Ejen Ali game has already recorded more than 4 million downloads and it has also entered the Indonesian market.

If you like these two combinations of food and strategy, you will surely enjoy Mak Cun’s Adventure! This mobile game is now available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Media Contact:

Dhiya Aizat

Lead, Communications, Media Prima Digital

Muhammad Faisal (Petch)

Executive, Communications, Media Prima Digital


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