Project Description

Mak Cun’s Adventure

Mak Cun’s Adventure is a time-management simulation mobile game based on the popular TV series featuring Erma Fatima. It is an addictive food-related game that carries elements of entrepreneurship and an introduction to iconic Malaysian delicacies such as ‘nasi lemak’, ‘char koay teow’, ‘kopi-o’ and more.
The element of entrepreneurship is also showcased when players have to collect enough ‘coins’ and ‘gems’ to upgrade their stall or expand their business.

Monthly Active Users

Average 60 – 80K

Target Audience

  1. 18 – 34 years old
  2. 60% Female
  3. Casual gamers
  4. Loves pop culture
  5. Fans of Mak Cun TV show
  6. Active hours 6 – 10PM